To know God and to make Him known.

CCing through a C-Section

I apologize for being absent for the past couple of months. We gave birth to our third child on November 17. He is a blessing and a beautiful boy.

I love Classical Conversations because of the superb academics, but even more because of the friendships I have made.

God is very provident. As I was admitted for my repeat caesarean section, my first nurse was a wonderful lady with a kind smile and lots of energy. In our discussions before my surgery, we talked about the fact that we were both homeschool moms. And then, we realized that we were both involved with Classical Conversations at two different campuses! We knew the same people and I was even able to ask her what the presentation schedule was for the coming week!

The surgery went well and then I was so excited to see our little guy. However, because I had a C-section, he had some mucus still in his body that caused some breathing issues. My nurse, knowing my background, prayed with me and helped reassure me that things would be okay. Our friendship was quickly cemented because we knew we were both Christian homeschool moms who classically educate.

While he was in the NICU, I was able to talk to other nurses about homeschooling and Classical Conversations. I made several new friends and really appreciated their kindness during that week (he was there for six days).

We homeschool moms, when thinking about our homeschool journey, stress so much about academics, but we really need to think about the best gifts CC gives us: like-minded families to help mentor us and our children, a social network that transcends our own community, and a common goal to homeschool, to know God, and to make Him known.

Bona fortuna to you all second semester!

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