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Bryan College Note to Challenge III Parents

Dear Challenge III Parents,

I hope you have heard by now that Classical Conversations has partnered with Bryan College to begin offering dual enrollment credit to students in the Challenge program. Students seeking dual enrollment credit will be registered directly with Bryan and will complete additional assignments beyond those in the Classical Conversations curriculum in order to earn college credit. The plan is for Bryan to develop curriculum to offer dual credit opportunities for as many courses as possible in Challenge III and IV.

Because this agreement was reached late this summer, there was no way to develop the college portion of all the courses before the start of the academic year. We did, however, feel that developing one course was worthwhile as it would give students some opportunity to begin this fall, and it would also allow Bryan and Classical Conversations an opportunity to practically work through the process on a limited scale before full implementation.

This year, Bryan will offer all students in Challenge III the opportunity to earn dual enrollment credit in US History in both the fall and spring semesters. Students completing both courses successfully will earn six credit hours. The cost of these courses is just $100/credit hour which represents a significant discount from our regular tuition rate. Further, because of your enrollment in Classical Conversations, Bryan has agreed to waive the normal $15 application fee for students enrolling this year. We have not yet determined what the requirements will be for enrollment in future years, but they will likely include, but not be limited to, all of the following: a minimum GPA requirement, enrollment in CC for some number of years prior to enrolling for college credit, and minimum standardized test sub scores for enrollment in certain classes.

To register you will need to complete a brief application on or before August 25th, which you may find here. On completion of this application, a Bryan College representative will contact you to finalize the enrollment process and arrange for tuition payment ($300 to cover fall semester). Tuition must be paid before the student is officially registered. Please accept our apologies for this somewhat time consuming registration process for this initial semester. For future semesters we will develop a more streamlined and integrated application. Also because of the late timing, students interested in earning credit this fall must complete the application on or before August 25th. Once registered, students will have until September 2nd, our fall term add/drop deadline, to withdraw from the course without penalty. If you are considering enrolling in this course, you should carefully review the attached syllabus to see what work will be required beyond the normal requirements of the Challenge program before applying. If you have questions in regard to the Bryan College portion of the class, please feel free to contact the professor for the course, Dr. Bradford Sample.

To learn more about Bryan, you may visit our website at At Bryan, our mission is to educate students to become servants of Christ to make a difference in today’s world. As I have learned more about Classical Conversations I am convinced that the vision and missions of these two organizations lend themselves to our working together. Personally, my own children will begin CC next week, and my wife is going to be tutoring in the Foundations program. As we move forward, it is my hope that many CC families will see Bryan as an extension of what you have worked so  hard to accomplish with your children and will consider Bryan as a natural choice to consider for completion of their undergraduate education.

I look forward to working you, and I ask that you bear with us this first term as we work together to begin what should be a rewarding relationship.

Michael Sapienza
Vice President for Enrollment Management
Bryan College

Bryan is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of College and Schools, and this regional accreditation generally means that courses will be accepted by other accredited institutions around the country.

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