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Back to School (Part 4): I have fallen behind...

Nationwide Insurance has a tag line that says, “Life comes at you fast”—and it does. I must confess, I have fallen behind in my Foundations memory work. I had to go out of town because of work for a couple of weeks in a row and it really threw me off. I would say I am a good two weeks behind, but I am not too worried because…

1.) Homeschooling is flexible:

I have winter break in which to make up for lost time, and I can also devote more time between now and then to catching up. Yes, it will be more difficult, but one of the benefits of homeschooling is that you can always do better than you did yesterday, and you do not have to worry about others around you.

2.) The Foundation guide leads the way:

I may be a couple weeks behind, but because of how the guide is laid out I can go back to where I am weak and work forward from there.

3.) Use the History Sentences for copy work:

I believe many of us are working on handwriting right now. Review the subject by using it as a source for copy work.

I hope that this gives you some ideas to work with if you, too, have fallen behind this year. Also, remember that we are learning how to learn—and that is the most important part. That is why in Classical education it is okay to repeat a skill over and over again. So do not be discouraged. While we all want to have the best and smartest fourth grader, it is okay to remember you are really trying to raise a godly adult.

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