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Back To School (Part 2): 1st Day of Class

I may have a college degree, I may have managed a mechanical team and engineering budget at my old job, and I may have been a little nervous my first day of school. Tuesday was my first official Foundations and Essentials class. Monday night, I called my mom in a panic, “What do I need for the first day of class?!?!” She said, “Calm down, you’re five, you don’t know what you are doing. The tutor has everything you need. Pack a lunch.” That made it easy for me. I brought paper and pencil just in case. I forgot to pack my lunch.

When I showed up, I was lost, but I just followed the crowd and ended up in the sanctuary for opening remarks and inspiration. Class was awesome; it helps make the Foundations Guide understandable. The tutor did a great job, because even I was able to do okay with the memorization.

I play trivia almost every week. This past week we had a question that I could have answered if we had just covered through Week 6. I am excited about working towards Memory Master although I don’t think the six other boys in my class are as excited. The loud NOOOOoooooooooooooo’s gave it away. The class was very well behaved and the tutor did a good job setting expectations and sticking with them.

The Essentials class first day was good as well. I got to go in front of the group to play the math game. They wrote a number down and I had to place it on my head and then ask question to get it. It was fun; they tried to trick me by using one of the numbers twice. I struggle with grammar the most. One of the reasons Essentials was developed is because my mom couldn’t see my younger brothers struggling with grammar and writing as much as I did. So I am taking my Essentials work very seriously.

I really love the community aspect of the learning and will discuss that more later.

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