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225th Anniversary of the Constitution of the United States

Every year we celebrate the birth of our nation on the Fourth of July. The date of the document that secured our freedom, however, is of equal importance.  September 17, 2012 marks the 225th anniversary of the Constitution. Our friends at The Heritage Foundation have launched a new website that I believe will be an amazing resource for your family:  In order to celebrate this momentous occasion, Classical Conversations will be including a FREE Pocket Guide to the Constitution in orders shipped between September 17-21, as long as supplies last.  Below is a message from Rob Gordon about the new resources available at the new website.

From:  Rob Gordon, Senior Advisor for Strategic Outreach, The Heritage Foundation

As we celebrate the 225th anniversary of the Constitution, I want to share with you our new website,

From the Preamble to the Twenty-seventh Amendment, Heritage’s Guide to the Constitution is a comprehensive and authoritative analysis of every single clause in the Constitution — and it is available at no charge at

What are some of the features of this excellent resource? It is:

Comprehensive - Heritage brought together one hundred of the nation’s best legal experts to create the only clause-by-clause examination of the Constitution and how they have been interpreted over the years.

Searchable - You will not need Google to search the Constitution anymore. Search the entire document and hundreds of essays by the nation’s leading legal experts on the historical context, meaning, and judicial interpretation of each clause.

User-friendly - was designed with your mobile device in mind. Whether you are using Android, iPhone, a tablet, or iPad, works beautifully on them all. We have made it simple to post on Facebook or tweet your favorite clause, as well.

Teachable - You do not need to go to law school to learn the Constitution. Teach yourself the Constitution with the teaching companion to the guide. The teaching companion covers every clause in the Constitution, summarizes each essay in the guide, and includes exercises and quizzes to facilitate understanding of the Constitution’s main concepts. It is a great resource for homeschooling families or high school students working on reports and debates. is for anyone who hungers for a deeper understanding of our First Principles and how they influence today’s debates.

Celebrate the 225th Anniversary of Constitution by Visiting Today >>

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